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  Company Profile  
Envirpro Co., Ltd. is a Thai Consulting company on environmental business which registered to Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry of Thailand. Envirpro is providing professional and competitive ambient air quality monitoring, noise quality monitoring, stack emissions monitoring, vibration monitoring, indoor air quality monitoring, workplace environmental quality monitoring, workplace environmental quality monitoring service including noise contour and air modeling associated with industrial operation. In addition to Envirpro is providing high quality and full consultancy service to both Thai government agencies and industries. Envirpro's experienced consultants offer nationwide coverage in Thailand and have a proven track record of ambient air quality monitoring in Lao People's Democratic Republic.
  Highlight Projects  
International Project
» Air Quality, Sound Level Water Quality and Soil Quality Monitoring Project, Vientiane Industrial Park Infrastructure Development Project, Vientiane, Lao PDR
Domestic Project 
» Environmental Quality Monitoring Project in Nonthaburi Province (2005-2009).
» Pollution Control Promotion Project from Industry and Work Place in Saraburi Province (2006).
» Cogeneration (also combined heat and power, CHP) Power Plant Project in Ratchaburi Province (2006-2009). 
» The Study Project on the Effectiveness of the Noise Barrier caused by the Expressway in Bangkok.
» Noise Pollution Monitoring that can cause Annoyance from Industrial Noise Source.
» Environmental Quality Monitoring at Industrial Area more than 500 industries in Thailand.
» Noise Pollution Monitoring is produced by Aircraft Noise.
» The Project on EIA Monitoring Plan and Mitigation Measures Performance for Industries were located at Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate in Rayong Province, other Industrial Estates including Industrial Parks and also Industrial Zones in Thailand.
» The Project on EIA Monitoring Plan and Mitigation Measures Performance for residences were located in Metropolitan Bangkok or big city in Thailand such as Hotel, Condominium etc.
» The Environmental Quality Monitoring of Monorail Study Project belong to Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to extensive network of expressways to ensure the smooth flow of transportation.
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